The Chimera is a three headed monster and the Wave Boss of the 2nd Wave. While Naofumi is out protecting the local villagers Motoyasu, Itsuki, and Ren defeat it and each absorb a head. It is responsible for unlocking the Chimera Shield Series which includes the Chimera Meat Shield, Chimera Bone Shield, Chimera Leather Shield, and Chimera Viper Shield. These shields each comes with one equipment bonus except for the Chimera Viper Shield which has several. The bonuses include "Cooking Skill +1", "Darkness Resistance (M)", and "Defense +10" respectively. The Chimera Viper Shield initially contained the equipment bonuses "「Change Shield」" "Antidote Mixing +1" "Poison Resistance (M)" as well as the special effect "「Poisonous Snake Fang (M), Hook」" Found in chapter 『Chapter 25』 of the web novel.

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