Vassal Armament Hero OtherWorld Vassal Hero
Staff (杖) Aultcray aka. Trash Fan (扇) Glass
グラス (Web)
Whip (鞭) Tact
Scythe (鎌) Rarukuberuku
キール (Web)
Claw (ツメ) Firo Cover Book (本) Kyou
マリン (Web)
Hammer (槌) Raphtalia Cover Katana (刀) Raphtalia
エクレール (Web)
Axe (斧) みどり Boat (船) Esunobolt
ラフちゃん (Web)
Projetile (投擲具) Licia Cover Harpoon (銛)? Sadina (Web)


Fohl Instrument (楽器)? Melty (Web)
Carriage (馬車) LNv4cover2 Mirror (鏡)? クー (Web)


It should be noted that there are 4 Legendary weapons of the Otherworld, but only 1 wielder survived up to the Final Battle.


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