The Legendary Sword is one of the Four Legendary Armaments. The person which possesses this weapon is called the "Hero of the Sword". It retains an blue gem at its center while undergoing transformations.


Amaki Ren


The Legendary Sword gives its user great offensive power and can evolve and transform to become stronger however the user cannot equip any other weapons. It has a special jewel in the middle which can transform the Sword under specific conditions.


Version Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect
Legendary Sword 『c2』
Legendary Sword
base form unsealed
「Meteor Sword」 『c52』
「Hundred Sword」 『c71』
「Flashing Sword!」 『c153』
Dragon’s Era Sand Sword 「Transfer Sword」 『c164』
「Assassin Sword」 『c192』
「Hide Sword」 『c192』
「Rakshasa Meteor Sword」 『c192』
「Chain Bind」 『c192』
「Chain Needle (Poison)」 『c192』
Sword of Greed 『c195』 「Guillotine」 『c192』

「Goldaufstand」 『c196』

Sword of Gluttony 『c198』 「Schtarkfuaafar (シュタルクファアファル)」
Dagger of Mob Mentality 『c234』 Weapon Copy Dagger of Mob Mentality

「Release by Brainwashing」

「Mutual Understanding」

「Gravity Blade」 『c243』
Comrade Sword 『c272』 「Comrade Growth Adjustment (Small)」

Gaiden Swords

Version Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect

Miscellaneous Sword Sets

Series Requirements
Weapon Copy placing the Legendary weapon against other weapons

Extra Information

  • The order in which swords are unlocked affect the abilities gained by future swords.

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Pages in category "Legendary Sword"

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