Beastman is the general term for people whose appearance is even further from human than Demi-Humans. They are frightening as enemies but reliable as allies. They are not rare in other countries, but as they are heavily discrimanated against, even more so than Demi-Humans, their numbers in Melromarc are few.

The Lemo (mole anagram) are a relatively docile race of mole beastmen that are generally skilled in craftsmanship. They have the innate ability to know the appropriateness of soil and their eyes are weak to light. Their appearance is a werewolf-like fusion between a human and a mole.


The Sakamata are Orca-like beastmen that closely resemble the Ruka.


The Ruka are a rare species of Orca beastmen that are famous for being the strongest of the aquatic races and it’s been said that even Hakuko would flee when opposing them in the sea.

The Opuscot (Octopus anagram) race is a race of octopus beastmen.

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