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Aultcray Default
Kanji/Kana オルトクレイ=メルロマルク32世
Rōmaji Aultcray Melromarc XXXII
Alias(es) Aultcray Melromarc XXXII (Formerly)

Lüge Lansarz Faubrey (Formerly)

Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White
Blood Type
Family Mirelia Q Melromarc (Wife)

Malty Melromarc (Daughter)
Melty Melromarc (Daughter)
Lucia (Sister)
Atlas (Niece)
Fouru (Nephew)</br>

Status Alive
Occupation King of Melromarc (Formerly)

Vassal Wielder

Country Melromarc

Faubley (Formerly)

Affiliation Melromarc

杖の勇者 (Cane Hero)


Weapon Vassal Cane
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 2
Web Novel Chapter 2

Lüge Lancarose's real name was Lüge Lansarz Faubrey. His first name and surname were taken from Mirelia's father.He is the King of Melromarc.

Aultcray formerly lived up to his name as the wise king of Melromarc.Despite being a Staff hero, he was known for his formidable intelligence. He was respected by his allies and his enemies alike. By all accounts he was extremely active and heroic in his earlier days, earning a grand reputation among the kingdoms of the world. All this indicates that for all his hatred and recklessness he was at one point a cunning and intelligent person with a heroes' renown.

The queen stated that his wisdom earned him a great respect and that even now if he was sent to the border, it would cause turmoil amongst the enemy just by seeing him. Even the slave trader claims that the nation Melromarc might have been nothing in name or in standing among the nations, if it wasn't for Aultcray. Many citizens and noble still have faith in him.

Though he was from Faubley, he hated demi-humans for killing his parents, and has a specific kind of hate for the White Tiger(Hokuko) variant of them. This hatred caused him to rush to Melromarc, where he could be as openly hostile to them as possible and aid the kingdom in its war against Silt Welt, the demi-human country. He hates the Shield Hero because he fought a war with Silt Welt, a country that worships him.

However, the current generation and the heroes doubt he is the kind of person that others claim he is. Even his own second daughter is disgusted with him fawning over her sister and doubts her mothers stories of him. In the time of the Spirit tortoise rampage, he refused to fight which caused a ruckus. This made Naofumi discard any of his past deeds and felt they were probably exaggerations of actual events. Naofumi believes that Trash(Aultcray) might have been a military strategist who was only good at aggravating things, but the queen claims he is much wiser than that. Queen who has seen him most of her life feels disgusted of how far he is sunk from being remarkable to a complete idiot.The queen also points his idiocy might be due to decade of peace and also because of his spoiling of his first daughter, Malty.

Besides the fact that he is the Hero of Cane, he described as a genius tactician which being feared by other countries in past. He could planning all of war tactics just by collect a little information at Tact's World Aggression in short time.Even during the time of peace, he retained his militaristic sense, When playing the strategic game, Chess with his wife, He would Yawn and win while his wife who is a tactician scratches her head and lose. He would only hold back and let his older daughter, Malty win.

He was the third legitimate heir to the throne of Faubley, the strongest country in this world. At first, but then an incident came that robbed him of that privilege. That incident involved the killing of his parents and many others close to him by the Hakuko.

Luckily, Lüge and his younger sister Lucia were not there at the time, but the country of Faubley did nothing in retaliation against Silt Welt for political reasons. Because of that, Lüge began to despise both Faubley and Silt Welt. He moved to Melromarc, which discriminated against Demi-Humans, and changed his name.

Lüge hid the fact that he was of Royal Blood, and rushed onto the frontlines of the wars Melromarc waged. Along the way, the previous Hero of the Cane fought to the death with Trash for the right to wield it, and he began to spread his name as a Hero. At that time, due to his resourcefulness and strength he won the heart of Mirelia Q Melromarc.

But, while Lüge ventured off, he had left behind his sightless sister. Soon, he received word that she had disappeared with nothing left behind but a pool of blood, and the Hakukos had killed her. Lüge’s desire for revenge strengthened.This has culminated in making him a man who deeply hates demi-humans and, by association, the Hero of the Shield who they worship. After many years of war, he challenged and defeated the Hakuko king of Silt Welt, Tai Ran Ga Feon.

Roughly twenty some years ago, When Silt Welt plotted for global domination, It was Lüge that faced them head on, saving Melromarc and other countries as well.Thanks to him that many countries exists peacefully. Rishia family still firmly believes that Melromarc would remain peaceful and secure as long as Lüge was there. Mirelia also claims no matter how much hatred he bears towards anyone, he will aid them, if it brings him some benefit or debt own to him, incontrast to how he treated Nafoumi.

After he and his wife had their first daughter, Malty, he spoils her rotten and became incredibly stupid. Malty owes much of her arrogant and cruel tenancies to her father because no matter what she did she was always the apple of his eye and he was more likely to punish those who she victimized if they took any form of action about it. His wife, seeing this, took their second daughter under her wing to prevent this same kind of failed upbringing.This peaceful time finally clouded his way of seeing things and was easily manipulated.

During the time, when Mirelia had left the country, for diplomacy reasons, she had left her right-hand man in charge; however, he was later killed by the Three Heroes Church. Because all the political power was transferred to the king, Luge did not bother investigating the incident as he, and his daughter Malty, began to abuse their new founded political power during Mirelia's absence.The situation gets so bad that by the time when the waves start he decides, on his own and without any backing from the queen or the other countries, to summon the four heroes.

He went out of his way to make more sufferings for Nafoumi along with the church of three heroes. He then acts out his petty hatred for the Hero of the Shield by helping his daughter Malty frame the newly summoned and naive Naofumi of raping the latter and let her steel all his possession, to point of leaving Nafoumi in his underwear for a week in open street. He later tries to take Naofumi's only psychological support, his slave Raphtalia, away from him in a rigged duel, in spite of the fact his country permits slavery and is dependent upon it. He forbidden guild to give any job to Nafoumi while other heroes got ample of request for huge sum of money, when questioned by Raphtalia for this, he mockingly told her what a shield can do much to sneer of all in the court room, along with this he continues to give Naofumi more unnecessary hardships. He also revoked his funds on pretext of removing Raphtalia's slave crest and hints of not going to give anymore funds in future.

He abused his authority to prevent having Naofumi's party from getting a Class Up. Aultcury ordered crystal balls for the four heroes to learn magic but only given them to the other three heroes. The culmination of all this overwhelming stupidity leaves the kingdom in a political minefield with their neighboring nations and even causes a level of internal strife. Some faction of commoners supported Nafoumi While the nobles and church of three heroes tried to take the power of authority for them-self.

He did almost exactly what the Three Heroes Church wanted, without doubting their conspiracy even a little, according to the queen. Finally, when his wife strips him of power and undoes all of this damage, he's totally unrepentant and still believes it's Naofumi's fault, despite being the one being responsible for all.As punishment for his discrimination against Naofumi, his name was changed to Trash by the Queen. He is least petty than his daughter Malty though, as while she tried to poison Naofumi he instead just planned to give him laxatives. When his wife tried to send him back to the battlefield, he kicked screamed and cried out in fear of not going, and Naofumi believes that for whatever god forsaken reason he simply doesn't want to be a hero anymore.

He is genuinely in love with his wife, so much so that he puts up with her harsh treatment of him after the above ordeals. Though Naofumi just suspects the queen might be a sadist and they were always this way. The only thing he claimed he wouldn't let her get away with is defending a Hakuko.


Luge's unreasonable hatred towards Naofumi may have likely stemmed from how Silt Welt worships the Hero of the Shield, which made the king gave his support to the Three Heroes Church in constantly demonizing the Shield Hero.

In contrast to how Mirelia had instructed husband not to discriminate against Naofumi, Luge had done so anyway by going out of his way to make him suffer. Luge backed by the church of three heroes had rebuked and chastised Nafoumi. He was even going out of his way to discriminate and was doing everything to oppress him. Number of things qA done by him against Nafoui was uncountable. He always call other Heroes with respect while calling Nafoumi as a shield or criminal Hero.

Their relationship worsen after the third wave where Naofumi had emerged as victorious as compared to the other three heroes that were defeated; refusing to believe this, the King had accused of Naofumi of foul play and demanded the Shield Hero to confess. Naofumi had deny Luge's false claim, as well as refusing to show any respect towards Luge, asking him to crawl and kneel before him for any more request, Nafoumi leaves after insulting and threatened to kill him, if Altrucy ever gets in his way, as Nafoumi is more stronger than other heroes, though most of it was a bluff to make Aultcracy scared.

After Mirelia's return both Luge and Malty's crime and nafoumi's innocence were revealed and were punished as they lost their political power and were also given a punishment under Naofumi's choice. While Naofumi wanted to give an execution, because people valued Luge's skills and as he also took consideration for the Queen's familial love towards the two and also to avoid making new enemies, he later decided to simply change both the King and princess's names, where Luge was renamed as Trash, as a fitting manner of humiliation.

After seeing Atla under Nafoumi's care, who resembled his late sister. Aultcracy was in a state of shock.

Following his daughter's choice of choosing Motoyasu, Aultcracy gave more preferential treatment to him, such as giving him more reward funds than other heroes. Promoting him to be a lord of a village.

Aultcracy gives much respect and somewhat reasonable treatment to Itsuki. Itsuki asks of mistreating Nafoumi with rigged battle and cancellation of funds, leaving the Aultcracy speechless. When Aultcracy wrong doings were exposed by the queen, he along with Ren calls the punishment of the king befitting.

Ren also gained the respect of Aultcracy and received somewhat reasonable treatment of a Hero. Ren too sided with Itsuki in demeaning after Alturacy's crimes was exposed.



in the past, Mirelia had loved her husband because of the valor and wisdom he had showed in the past. However, now the Queen has seen her husband to be now complete a far cry from what he may have once been. Not only did Trash not follow his wife's instructions, in not discriminating against the Shield Hero, he furthered shocked Mirelia, as the Queen used her authority to defend Naofumi from the Imperial guardsmen. As the King's authority was below the Queen, Merelia was able to freely slap her husband whenever he displayed his stupidity in front of her. Mirelia shows no patience towards her husband's mistake.

Trash constantly spoils his first daughter in doing whatever he wants. He had also entrusted her to frame Naofumi and doing everything she can to degrade the Shield Hero's reputation.

Trash seems to show paternal towards her second daughter, Melty too reciprocate his love. She even tried to set up a space for Nafoumi and her father to amend things, before her father becomes a victim of her mother's wrath. Later, she sided with Nafoumi learning of her father's atrocities towards Nafoumi.

Aultcray's nephew, a half-human half-Hakuko, and the son of his long lost sister who was taken by the Hakuko. He and Fohl are similar in some ways, even to the point where Atla thought there were two of her brothers.

The daughter of his long lost sister who was taken by the Hakuko. She bears a striking resemblance to her mother.